Your Gifts at Work in 2023

Facility-based Healthcare: Our clinics in Jeremie, Dayere, Moron, Castillon, Bigarade, and Fond Bayard continued to provide consistent, quality healthcare services.  Our Center of Hope in Jeremie continued serving pre- and postnatal women and malnourished children.

Community-based Healthcare: Many of the patients we serve live in very hard to reach areas, away from healthcare facilities. To serve their needs, HHF conducted 3,078 mobile clinics, where our health professionals pack up medicine and supplies and travel to provide healthcare.

Dental Care: Oral health is so important to overall health, and HHF’s skilled dentists provided not only extractions, but also fillings, fluoride treatments, root canals, etc. Last year, HHF conducted 297 oral health lessons and distributed nearly 5,000 oral hygiene kits. HHF has one of the few school-based dental education and fluoride treatment programs in Haiti.

Pre and Postnatal Care: Our skilled health professionals provided care to 30,682 women of childbearing age, including 19,250 prenatal consultations and 3,429 postpartum consultations, as well as laboratory diagnosis, ultrasound, encouragement of six-months of exclusive breastfeeding, emergency obstetric evacuations from the mountain villages, and health education, to name only a few services.

Preventive Care: Preventive care is an essential part of HHF’s work. We provide the necessary immunizations to infants and women of childbearing age, as well as vitamin A to prevent blindness, albendazole for intestinal worms, and consistent growth monitoring. This year, 3,709 infants under 1 year were fully immunized, more than 96% of children this age under our care.

Mental Health Services: Our mental health providers have counseled more than 1,700 new patients. Nearly 200 of these patients, including 131 children, were victims of rape by gangs. In addition, HHF has been providing high-quality Gender Based Violence response services addressing physical & psychosocial health, shelter, and economic needs.

Food Distribution: HHF continues to provide nutritional support for malnourished infants, children, teens, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick, and other extremely vulnerable populations. In addition to our regular feeding program, HHF donors helped provide nearly 15,000 food kits, containing items like spaghetti, canned fish, cooking oil, rice, and beans. Over 11,000 cans of powdered milk were distributed as nutritional supplements for babies.

Education:  HHF donors supported tuition, books, and uniforms for over 3,500 children in 82 local schools. With school neither free nor mandatory in Haiti, many children continue to be robbed of this fundamental human right.

Sanitation: With a serious lack of sanitation supplies (even basics like soap), combined with people living in cramped houses without running water or toilets, skin diseases, cholera, diarrhea, and other intestinal diseases are rising alarmingly. HHF regularly distributes hygiene kits, containing Clorox powder, bar soap, and Aquatabs to purify water.

Goat Distribution: This program gifts breeding goats to families in need. These goats provide them with offspring that may be bartered or sold for essentials. Despite the potential danger, HHF distributed 232 goats in 2023, and we continue to work to safely purchase and distribute these valuable animals.

These are just a few of the services that HHF provided in 2023 and continues to provide today. Thank you for your generous support!


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