Our Team

By working together as a committed team, HHF has made a difference in the lives of so many.

E. Marilyn Lowney, MS, MPH

Executive Director

She is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. Guided by the strategic objectives as set by the Board of Directors, Marilyn provides the management and vision necessary to ensure that HHF has the proper operational controls and administrative and reporting procedures in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength, operating efficiency and sustainability.

Our Team in Haiti

Nadesha Mijoba, MS-CED, MPH

HHF Country Director

She is responsible for managing the operations of the Haitian Health Foundation in Jérémie, Haiti, and works closely with the Executive Director in the successful achievement of the mission of providing healthcare, education, and community development projects as well as overseeing all emergency response efforts. She is also responsible for the management and growth of the organization. Nadesha oversees the entire operation in Haiti while promoting and ensuring its smooth, efficient, and sustainable functioning.

Royneld Bourdeau, MD

Clinical Director

Working closely with the Country Director, he establishes policies and procedures for assuring that the rights of all patients and staff are respected. Dr. Bourdeau organizes and coordinates healthcare and dental services as they relate to patient care while ensuring the appropriateness and quality of healthcare and any medically related care. He coordinates and guides the development and conduct of all education programs.

Cesar Adlerson, MD

Deputy Clinical Director

The Deputy Clinical Director will support the Clinical Director and Program/Department Directors by providing clinical leadership, energizing others, and driving change in quality of care. Dr. Cesar is a practicing clinician who has a good knowledge of research in many of HHF’s relevant specialties such as child and maternal health, HIV, Women’s Health. Together with the clinical leadership team, Dr. Cesar is responsible for the implementation of health services and for achieving against milestones and targets.

Antoine Carl Edouard

Human Resource Director

Working closely with the Country Director, he has primary responsibility for all personnel compliance, employee relations, labor relations and staff development, equal employment opportunity functions and provides advice and counsel to senior leaders on a range of personnel matters.

Magalie Veillard, MD

Public Health Director

Responsible for the day-to-day management of HHF’s public health strategies, and together with the Health Education and Communication Director provide and manage health education programs that help individuals, families, and their communities maximize and maintain healthy lifestyles. Collect and analyze data to identify community needs prior to planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, policies, and environments. Dr. Veillard is responsible for administering public health outreach programs and functions including design, planning, direction, management, and establishment of systems and standards for assessment and monitoring/evaluation.

Jean Joseph Calixte, MD

HIV Services Director

He provides team leadership, management, strategic oversight, and monitoring of all aspects of HIV services in collaboration with the senior management team, to deliver results against relevant strategic plans. Dr. Calixte is responsible for the management of any HIV related budget as well as program reporting and ensuring quality and timely deliverables according to MSPP requirements.

JeanClaude Beneche, MD

Women’s Health Services Director

Together with Deputy Clinical Director, Dr. Beneche provides ongoing assessments of the department as it pertains to staff competency, workflow, and best practices. This includes increasing patient satisfaction, enhancing staff engagement, and improving productivity metrics. He is responsible for introducing, updating, and championing women’s health clinical guidelines and standards of care within the medical provider team, and adheres to established HHF and department guidelines and protocols.

Yam Nath Nyaupane

Director of Finance

He is responsible for the planning, organization, management, and control of the financial activities of the operations in Jérémie. He is responsible for direct supervision of the accounting and logistics staff. He, together with the Country Director, oversees the financial aspects of all healthcare and community development projects and ensures donor and grant money is spent responsibly and for its intended purpose.

Alfred Casimir

Director of Community Health and Education

He guides the outreach, education and prevention strategies currently utilized to educate communities about primary prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, Diabetes, promoting family planning, maternal and child health and social wellbeing; and to collect and analyze data for the purpose of improving program delivery. Mr. Casimir ensures communication for appropriate Behavior Change and community mobilization strategies.

Clercidor Michel

Director of Community Development

Working closely with the Country Director, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management, implementation, and evaluation of all community development programs/projects such as the goat distribution, house construction and repair, and sustainable agriculture strategies. Clercidor is also responsible for collecting and analyzing demographic and other related data for all HHF development projects.

Arnaud Joseph

Director of Center of Hope

He is responsible for program development related to food procurement, distribution and documentation, non-clinical supervision, training, monitoring and evaluation as well as operations research and coordination of visitors. He is also responsible for the Center of Hope’s administrative management of the HHF AIDS program in close collaboration with the Medical Director. He provides oversight and guidance to the Center of Hope and suggests and implements new administrative activities.

In the US

Major Gifts
Ellen Kellie

Tracey Martineau

Development Specialist
Rebecca Champion

Database Manager
Kendra Malizia

Administrative Assistant
Darcy Kneeland

Warehouse Manager
Craig Labonte

In the US

Save a Family Coordinator
Virginia Lowney, RN

Database Volunteer
Judy Strutt

Logistics Manager
Deacon Phil Hayes, MA

Office Support Volunteers
Anne Stanton
Martha Dow
Socorro Testut

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