Here at HHF, our values of respect, honesty, compassion, and commitment are reflected in all our activities. As always, we promise to continuously work towards the wellbeing of children, women, and families to promote good health in their communities. We promise all our donors and supporters that HHF will use their generous donations for their intended purpose.


Our Impact Areas



Community Development

Emergency Relief

4 Star Charity Navigator Rating


For the 9th consecutive year, HHF has received the highest rating – 4 stars – on Charity Navigator, for transparency, low overhead, and financial accountability.

Your donations are changing lives!

Food Kits Per Month

It has become more and more challenging for families in Haiti to access nutritious food as prices keep rising. HHF has made great progress in our fight against malnutrition, and for a gift of $100, HHF can provide a food kit to families containing items such as rice, beans, corn, sugar, salt, oil, tuna, and milk.

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Happy Houses Built

HHF has been providing housing for vulnerable families and the homeless.  Often, large families live together in small, rickety shacks of cardboard, tin, rags, and straw with dirt floors severely impacting the health of all those who reside within.

Our Happy House Program replaces these shacks with concrete block buildings with a cement floor, a tin roof, windows, and much more.

Goats Distributed Per Year

Often people ask if a goat can improve the life of a family.  The answer is yes.  Goats are easy to breed, provide a small income, and can be used as a nutritious source of protein. For a gift of $150, you not only provide a goat; but when a family breeds and sells the goats, they can pay for necessary expenses such as their children’s school, books, rent and food supplies.

Healthcare Delivery

HHF delivers primary health care, child and maternal health, family planning, infectious and chronic disease prevention, assessment and treatment, mental health, and dental health services through a network of health clinics and mobile clinics in remote mountainous areas. We make sure that every woman has access to healthcare to safely deliver her baby and care for herself and her family.  For a gift of $25, $50, $100, or more, we can continue delivering health services in far to reach areas.

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A Word from Jérémie ~

For over three decades, HHF has been a part of the Jérémie community. HHF remains committed to the unique place and role that we play for the local population in the Grand’Anse region.

HHF is not only devoted to this one geographic location, but, with its almost entirely Haitian staff, it has become an accepted and essential component of Jérémie’s social world. We are the neighbor that helps ~ with healthcare services, education assistance, and a wide range of community development programs. We are the neighbor that has created a bond with all of Jérémie: men and women, young and old, sick and healthy, faith-based and secular.

Our services are not offered based on the social, religious, financial, or personal characteristics or conditions of those seeking our assistance.

Today, more than ever, Jérémie is our home and its people are our family – it’s as simple as that. 


Count on HHF for life-saving care.


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