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Emergency Relief

~ Immediate Response and Relief Efforts at the Most Trying of Times ~

The Haitian Health Foundation has found itself leading many life-saving disaster relief efforts during our 40+ years in Haiti.  When disasters strike, we immediately deploy to our affected areas working closely with community leaders to identify and prioritize humanitarian needs like providing emergency medical services, serving warm meals or distributing food kits, providing trauma counseling, providing awareness campaigns, or distributing hygiene kits. We also maintain a presence through the immediate response and recovery phases following an emergency. Our process begins, when possible, before the disaster hits by assisting with preparation activities. 

HHF has always worked collaboratively with our public health officials, community leaders, and other organizations in the community to secure the continuum of care and other services following disasters.  For example, following Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the August 2021 Earthquake, HHF immediately coordinated with the local hospital the delivery of very much needed emergency services with medicine, medical supplies, medical personnel assistance, and diesel for the generator and, sometimes some support with construction, such as the Covid-19 isolation unit at the hospital.  

Emergency Relief

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