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Your gifts at work in 2023

Your Gifts at Work in 2023 Facility-based Healthcare: Our clinics in Jeremie, Dayere, Moron, Castillon, Bigarade, and Fond Bayard continued to provide consistent, quality healthcare services.  Our Center of Hope in Jeremie continued serving pre- and postnatal women...

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Update on our work in Haiti – Spring 2024

“We have been serving poor and vulnerable people in Haiti for over 40 years, and, although the situation in the country has always been challenging, I have never known it to be this catastrophic.”  Dr. Jeremiah Lowney is referring to gang violence, destruction of...

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Haiti’s deaths are spiraling out of control

In a very literal sense, the population of Haiti has been “under attack” in recent months, a situation reflecting “Crimes Against Humanity” as highlighted by the International Criminal Court: “Attack directed against any civilian population. . .

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One week after the earthquake – August 21

One week after the earthquake, Jérémie and the surrounding rural areas are facing a public health crisis. More earthquake victims are beginning to make their way down to the local hospital, which is already overwhelmed. 

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A Message from HHF Country Director, Nadesha Mijoba, MS-CED, MPH – August 21

Dear HHF Community,

While much of the world is currently dealing with multiple, unfolding crises, global eyes have once again turned to another disaster in Haiti.

On August 14, at 8:29 AM, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck approximately midway through the southern peninsula. Although slightly greater than the 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince, the areas affected were significantly less populated. Nonetheless, as the days passed since last Saturday, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this was a natural disaster with widespread social, community and public health implications.

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Local News Reports

Rochester Beacon by Will Astor New Haven Register by Ed Stannard (paywall) Hartford Courant by Jessica...

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Recommending Haitian Health Foundation

Order of Malta NPR Parade Magazine...

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Earthquake Response Update – August 18th

HHF continues our work on the ground in Jeremie, helping with food, emergency healthcare, and community support to the victims.  We are proud to be working with strong partners like World Central Kitchen (WCK), helping to bring in food to feed thousands in the...

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