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Community Development

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For decades, Haiti has experienced social, political, economic, and environmental instability that has severely hindered the country’s development in all sectors.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and continues to experience negative economic growth as a result of the insecurity. Many of these poor families live in rural areas, where basic infrastructure such as roads, potable water, and sanitation are absent or non-functional.

Since our beginnings, HHF has been working to improve the access families have to basic infrastructure and support income-generating activities.  HHF’s Community Development Program strives to work collaboratively with women, families and others who traditionally have no voice to build vibrant communities across the greater Jérémie area.  This is achieved through the promotion of cleaner, safer construction of housing, distribution of goats for the purpose of food security and micro enterprising, and sustainable agriculture strategies. 

Community Development

Impact In Numbers

Goats donated to families

Composting Toilets Donated

Homes Built

Happy House Program

HHF believes that every person should have access to quality housing

HHF has been providing housing for vulnerable families and the homeless.  Often, large families live together in small, rickety shacks of cardboard, tin, rags, and straw with dirt floors severely impacting the health of all those who reside within.

Our Happy House Program replaces these shacks with concrete block buildings with a cement floor, a tin roof, windows…

Microflush Toilet Program

Our Composting Toilets encourage sanitation and helps to curtail the spread of disease related to the lack of proper waste disposal. The composting toilet is a low cost, environmentally friendly, odor and fly-free toilet that uses very little water to flush. The waste falls directly into a filter/ digester where solids are composted. Every two years, the rear cover is removed, and the organically rich compost is used for gardens.

Give-a-Goat Program

The Give-a-Goat Program allows Jérémie’s poor families to become more independent and self-sufficient.

Our Give-a-Goat Program purchases and distributes goats to rural families who are chosen by local committees based on economic status, participation in health education, and their commitment to the economic revitalization of their communities. It is well known that these hardy animals are adaptive to any terrain.  Recipients of a pregnant goat are taught how to breed, barter, and use the meat as a source of animal protein.


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