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And with your support, we’ve been able to make a difference and positively change the lives of thousands of Haitian residents under our care ~ one person at a time. Behind every statistic, there is the face of a small child or woman who is experiencing a better quality of life thanks to your support.  

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Enjoy reading about the many ways, we have (together) been able to accomplish so much:



Over 80% of children under six months are exclusively breastfed to at least six months, compared to the national Haitian average of less than three percent. Exclusive breastfeeding results in healthier children, excellent natural immunization, and better birth spacing through lactational amenorrhea.

A 50% reduction in bacterial pneumonia death rate of children under five was achieved—as Mom and twinsdocumented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—using local, well-trained health agents. (Bacterial pneumonia is one of the leading causes of childhood death in the Third World.) Another leading cause of childhood deaths, diarrhea, has been significantly reduced in HHF villages, using pennies’ worth of salt and sugar to replace lost electrolytes.

Nearly 80% of women are protected from neonatal tetanus during pregnancy.

Over 85% of pregnant women receive three or more medical checkups during their pregnancies.

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The HHF Clinic in Jérémie, Haiti. This fully-equipped, 27,000-square-foot outpatient clinic, dental clinic, X-ray, pharmacy, and residence – funded with private donations – opened in 1988 and currently serves over 120,000 patients per year.


3286 children

3286 children are now attending the school year 2015-2016, all with their uniforms, school books and receiving one meal a day – for many children, this is their one meal.

HHF provides support for school tuition, books, uniforms, and supplies for many children each year. Education in Haiti is neither free nor mandatory. In addition to the direct support for these students, HHF constructed and fully sponsors L’Ecole St. Pierre, a K-8 school for nearly 700 of the very poorest children of Jérémie.


In the early 1990s, HHF distributed female kreyòl pigs to replace the pigs decimated by African Swine Flu. It is estimated that over 7,000 pigs have propagated from this effort.

Thousands of chickens and eggs have been distributed to provide nutrition for the very poorest.


HHF has distributed over 10,053 female breeding goats through the Give-a-Goat program.

Over 3,589 Happy Houses have been constructed.
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Over 2,937 Latrines have been built since 1993.


Currently, over 1,000 sponsors are matched with families in Haiti through the Save-a-Family program, helping families with rent, food, education, health and dental care and other dire needs.

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