One week after the earthquake, Jérémie and the surrounding rural areas are facing a public health crisis. More earthquake victims are beginning to make their way down to the local hospital, which is already overwhelmed. 

Thousands of families are now homeless and living out in the elements while others, whose houses are still standing, are inviting many into their homes, creating vulnerable conditions. This is combined with a lack of available hygiene supplies, and we have started to see the second wave of this disaster, as previously treated patients are returning with fevers and festering wounds, requiring emergency antibiotic treatment.  HHF is continuing to work in coordination with the local hospital to ensure proper care of all patients, including evacuations to Port-au-Prince.

In addition, many injured from surrounding villages are beginning to come into HHF’s facilities with terrible infections, dehydration, fevers, broken bones, and minor head injuries.

Thousands of people living in the remote villages remain inaccessible.  Our mobile health teams are working hard to access these villages, where they are finding the same critical health issues.

In addition, roads and bridges remain damaged or destroyed, which continues to hamper the transportation of essential supplies, and the bridge into Jérémie is officially closed to even small vehicles because of its significant damage.  

We continue our work with our partners at Partners in Health, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, and Americares to secure medical supplies quickly to meet our most immediate needs – providing emergency care and saving lives. 

With the help of our partners, HHF staff continue delivering food and other essential supplies as quickly as possible, often having to unload and hand carry supplies to get to areas vehicles can’t access.

World Central Kitchen is in partnership with HHF to get meals to people all around Jérémie – in the hospital, clinics, missions, shelters, and other places in need.  We are so thankful to our partners who have been working with us to save lives and serve our community.

While we respond to the crisis, HHF is also continuing to provide routine medical care at our clinic, as well as Covid testing and vaccinations.

The fallout from this earthquake will have a long-term impact on the community, and HHF will be there to help Jérémie and all the people in our service area to heal and rebuild.

Thank you, our donors, for your continued support of our work.

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