HHF continues our work on the ground in Jeremie, helping with food, emergency healthcare, and community support to the victims.  We are proud to be working with strong partners like World Central Kitchen (WCK) wck.org, helping to bring in food to feed thousands in the area, such as Missionaries of Charity patients, hospitals, and other places in need.  We are also partnering with Hôpital Albert Schweitzer hashaiti.org to help provide medical care and emergency transport to the seriously injured.

This will be a long recovery.  There are now over 40,000 homes damaged or destroyed, over 1,500 dead, and nearly 7,000 injured.  These are preliminary reports, as many living in remote regions have yet to be reached.

We at HHF remain committed to the people we serve, and will continue to forge strong partnerships with other organizations on the ground – working to provide the best care possible, in the most cost-effective ways.  Thank you, our donors, for your continued help.

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