Woman and her two daughters violently attacked

November 12, 2021
On November 12, 2021, the Regional Office of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research of Grand'Anse contacted us with an urgent matter in need of HHF’s support. On the night of October 15, 2021 around 8:00 pm, at Fonds d'Ycaque, a section of the commune of Corail, a woman and her two daughters were violently attacked by a very disturbed man.

During this occasion, the woman and her children received approximately 17 machete blows to the back, head and limbs. One of the woman’s hands was amputated on the spot.  These victims of terrible violence were transported by Haiti Air Ambulance on October 16, 2021 (for the mother) and October 19, 2021 (for one of the daughters) to receive the necessary care in order to save their lives. A month later, these survivors of violence were repatriated to Jérémie as the victims cannot return to their home since the aggressor is still on the run.

In order to protect these survivors, in particular the two children, from another possible attack by this aggressor and enable them to recover from these shocks, we were asked to provide psychosocial and financial support (housing and food) from the Haitian Health Foundation.  HHF has provided housing for the family in the City of Jérémie, we are paying for school tuition for the two girls, they have been enrolled in the nutrition program, and the entire family is receiving psychological support.  The girls are doing very well in school, and the woman has regained a degree of confidence and is not as fearful as she was several months ago.

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