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~ HHF believes that every person should have access to quality housing ~

HHF has been providing housing for vulnerable families and the homeless.  Often, large families live together in small, rickety shacks of cardboard, tin, rags, and straw with dirt floors severely impacting the health of all those who reside within.

Our Happy House Program replaces these shacks with concrete block buildings with a cement floor, a tin roof, windows and doors. Recipients are selected based on financial need as well as the level of vulnerability.  When possible, the recipients participate in building the houses by providing labor, as well as sand, rocks, and water.

The Happy House construction costs approximately $4,000 per house.  There are many benefits to the families who are recipients of a happy house such as:

  • Protection from the elements and improved sanitation thus better health outcomes.
  • Poor families are empowered through their contributions to the realization of their own home.

Also, the community benefits because we recruit local labor as well as offering these workers and others the opportunity to obtain and/or expand their skills in construction, and the local economy benefits as we purchase as many of the needed materials locally.

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 ”I had no hopes to ever getting a house like what I now have.   As much as we need the rain, it was a curse for me because water would fall everywhere, rotten straw pieces would fall on us, my children would get pneumonia very often.  As for me, I would spend the night on a chair.  You know how hard it is to pay for cough syrup and medicines?  After the rain, I used to beg neighbors for help or sell a labor day working in someone’s garden for 25 Gdes.   Now thanks to HHF, I sleep in peace.  I am a proud owner and can stand on my doorstep without fear of where my family will sleep tomorrow.”

~ Lise – Boisdhomme village


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