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amazonsmile_002OUR WORK IS IN HAITI, and we hope you join us in improving the health and well-being of women, children, families and communities living in the greater Jérémie region of Haiti through healthcare, education and community development.


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It has now been almost four months since Matthew left behind massive and widespread destruction of this region, and we continue to work toward relieving the terrible conditions in which many find themselves.   Due to the incredibly generous donations of so many of our friends, to date, we have been able to accomplished a great deal and for that we thank you.  HHF has fixed 257 houses, which includes the provision of necessary materials and labor – we don’t hand the recipient tin and nails but actually get the repairs done.  During the month of February, we hope to fix another 50 houses.  We have distributed over 6800 kits of food and hygiene items and will be distributing another 4,000 kits.  These kits are distributed during our mobile clinics (an average of 34 mobile clinics/month) out in very remote areas where no other aid has gone – and with great collaboration from the communities.  After a very focused strategy to get the clinics repaired, we are happy to say that all the satellite clinics are fully operational with the exception of Dayer.  However, we are also happy to announce that the construction of a new clinic in Dayer will commence the week of February 6th.  The mobile clinics continue to see an average of 90-110 additional patients per clinic post Matthew.  Our main clinic in Jeremie continues to see high numbers of patients on a daily basis.  On a monthly basis, we deliver food to 9 local orphanages that house a total of 208 children.  

It is going to take a long time to recover from the level of devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew, and although not heard in the news at all, the people of Jérémie still need you now more than ever. Their recovery is dependent on your generous donations and support.


For several decades, Haiti has faced significant challenges to access to basic healthcare, food insecurity and nutritional challenGift ideasges. Chronically high levels of poverty coupled with soil erosion, declining agricultural productivity, and high population growth combine to make obtaining adequate food and any other basic things such as health care, education, and housing a daily struggle for many Haitians. The Haitian Health Foundation, for 30 years, has been serving a population of almost 250,000 people by meeting their basic healthcare and dental care needs, provide Join our Newsletteraccess to formal education, and through our many community development projects.  People like you are helping us restore hope and change lives ~ one person at a time.   If you wish to learn more about the impact HHF has had in the area of Jérémie, click here.

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