– Healthcare On The Ground

The health situation in Jérémie continues to deteriorate.  Cholera cases are rising, and people with infections, injuries, and broken limbs continue to come to HHF, seeking care.

dscn0303For example, today this man came to our Clinic.  A tree fell on him during the hurricane, and his entire jaw is broken.  He hasn’t had food or water for 7 days.  HHF nurses are currently rehydrating the man and trying to relieve his pain, but it’s clear he will have to be transported to Port au Prince for more advanced care.  This is just one case out of thousands, maybe tens of thousands, as HHF has 250,000 people under our umbrella of care.

We are still trying to physically reach our rural villages, but thousands of fallen trees, garbage, debris, and other wreckage are blocking the roads.  HHF has provided money for fuel to power moving equipment, so that the roads can be cleared and our medical teams can go out.  We already have medical staff in some of these villages, who are assessing injuries and illness and bringing medical supplies.

dscn0267If the situation is this bad in the city of Jérémie, where people can come to HHF for help, we can only imagine the suffering of these villagers, so far away, and completely cut off from any kind of health care.  Cholera, homelessness, broken limbs, famine…  again, it’s impossible to imagine.

We have been providing medical care, food, and clean water to many people.  In addition to this continuing work, tomorrow teams are heading to 15 local orphanages to bring them enough food for one week.  The orphanages have no refrigeration or storage, so we will continue to bring them food weekly.  We are also sending nurses to assess the health care of the children.

dscn0290HHF has been on the ground in Jérémie for 30 years and we are committed to the people.  We are working with excellent partners right now to bring health care to Jérémie and the cut-off mountain villagers.

HHF has 184 staff in Haiti and 130 of them are homeless following the hurricane, yet they continue to come to work.  They cannot do this without your continued help!