In recognition of its obligation to respect and protect the privacy of its donors, the Haitian Health Foundation pledges to handle information about donations with respect and confidentiality as per this policy which applies to the collection of any and all information, including information collected on this website.  Please note that by submitting your information to the Haitian Health Foundation, you consent to the terms and conditions of this policy. 

“Personal Information” is considered by the Haitian Health Foundation as information that identifies you personally, such as your name, address, telephone number, cellular phone, and email address. We do collect and store personally identifiable information you have provided.

HHF will not sell, share or trade our donors’ names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. 

All credit card transactions conducted on this site are routed through a secure server. We do not collect credit card information as a third party secure company processes these.  We occasionally enter the credit card number when a donor calls our office directly or writes it on a solicitation form, but this information is then shredded. 

The Haitian Health Foundation offers an “anonymous” option so that donors can inform the organization if they do not want their names or gifts acknowledged on any materials as mentioned above. If a donor chooses to opt out of any acknowledgment listings, the donor’s name and address will be made available only to staff of the Haitian Health Foundation who are responsible for managing the business of the corporation.

A printed copy of the Haitian Health Foundation Donor Privacy Policy will be mailed to a donor upon request. All records of donations to the Haitian Health Foundation are maintained in a secure location.