– An appeal from HHF Country Director Nadesha Mijoba

HHF’s Center of Hope suffered little damage and will serve as a major center for health care with our partners in Haiti

HHF’s Center of Hope suffered little damage and will serve as a major center for health care with our partners in Haiti

Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) continues to appeal for financial assistance to support hurricane relief efforts in rural Jérémie, Haiti.  Latest reports have the death toll at over 800, with 80% of buildings in the Jérémie area demolished.  As you know, Matthew’s winds were in excess of 140 mph, with higher gusts that pummeled Jérémie for hours, along with 40 inches of rain.

HHF has been coordinating relief efforts with partner agencies, including Caris Foundation. Dr. Nathaniel Segaren of Caris reported an enormous loss of food crops and trees, and massive damage to houses.  Homes of the poor—shacks made from thatch and scraps of wood, cardboard and tarp—were completely destroyed.

Once communication was restored with HHF staff in Jérémie, the following statement came from HHF Country Director Nadesha Mijoba, who oversees HHF’s programs and services in Jérémie and over 100 villages:

Jérémie, Haiti was struck by Hurricane Matthew with unprecedented force, with wind gusts up to 170 mph, impacting thousands of people that had little to no warning, expectation or preparation for such a catastrophic hurricane.  Just a few days immediately following, it has become quickly clear how extensive the devastation has been for Jérémie and the 105 mountain villages served by the Haitian Health Foundation. While the majority of the population suffered significant damage to their homes and property, thousands lost their homes completely, and recent reports have revealed hundreds of storm-related deaths, with the strong possibility of these numbers being much higher.  With thousands forced to live out in the open, with seriously compromised food, water and sanitation, and injuries as result of the hurricane, the circumstances are quickly taking a turn for the worse.  In addition to exacerbation of existing mosquito-borne and other illnesses, cholera has re-emerged as a serious healthcare crisis. Within only a few days of Hurricane Matthew’s arrival, most in its path are engaged in a race against time as vital resources dwindle and health risks escalate.

The storm has passed, but the suffering has just begun, and the situation worsens by the day.  If you are financially able, won’t you make a donation to help us continue our emergency response?  Thank you for your continuing compassion and concern.