The Haitian Health Foundation sponsors ongoing programs to help the hundreds of thousands of Haitian men, women and children who need assistance. These programs include healthcare, economic relief, community development and education.

Healthcare programs include our outpatient clinic, Klinik Pep Bondye-a, public health outreach through local health agents and the residential Center of Hope for malnourished children and at-risk, pregnant women. Learn more>>

Relief programs support the area’s children and families with nutritious meals, clothing and education. Learn more >>

Development Projects
Through the Happy House, Clean Latrines and Give-a-Goat programs, thousands of families are provided a better place to live and thrive. Learn more >>

Education programs provide access to school for poor Haitian children, providing support for tuition, uniforms, books and shoes. Learn more >>

Special Projects
HHF also works to address problems that aren’t in these categories of care. In the past, HHF has sponsored, for example, other animal distribution projects, specialized surgeries for children and adults in the US and other areas of Haiti, and special construction projects (e.g., St. Pierre School and Testasse Fishing Village). Learn more >>

Academic and Professional Recognition
In addition to the five program areas of emphasis described above, HHF is proud of the academic work of its staff and volunteers. This data collection and analysis—much of it in partnership with major universities in the U.S. and abroad—brings acclaim to HHF’s efforts in southwest Haiti. Peer-reviewed research affirms the effectiveness of HHF’s programs and guides us to develop future successful services to the people of Haiti. Click here to view the HHF staff and volunteer research that has been recognized by prestigious journals and professional organizations.

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    Healthcare > Your generosity will bring healing to very sick and impoverished neighbors.

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    Relief > Your gift will give hope to a family for the future.

  • Development

    Development > Provide families with support, food and other immediate needs.

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