The Haitian Health Foundation Pauses to Remember the Devastating Earthquake of January 12, 2010.

    Posted January 10, 2013

As 2013 begins, we at The Haitian Health Foundation pause to remember the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010.

On that terrible day, over 300,000 people were killed in an avalanche of concrete, 300,000 more were injured, and over a million were left homeless.  Thousands fled the horrors of Port-au-Prince, seeking relief in our region of Haiti, the Grand’Anse.   We witnessed the survivors coming off the boat from Port-au-Prince with dazed looks on their faces, most wearing only the clothes on their backs, gratefully clutching children and babies who had survived.

Three years later, much of the devastation remains in Port-au-Prince.   We know that some donors have experienced “Haiti Fatigue”: They are disappointed at the lack of progress, and feel like the donations they gave were wasted.

HHF expanded distribution of food.












Be assured that any donations given to the Haitian Health Foundation were well spent. 

Our 5-tiered approach to the disaster included:

• Providing medical care to many of the displaced people (including many pregnant women who had never had prenatal care).

• Expanded distribution of  food, especially to those villagers who took in many of the displaced.

• Providing over 700 displaced women with the tools to start their own small businesses and become self-sufficient.

• Educating several hundred displaced children in our St. Pierre School.

• Constructing hundreds of houses to replace those destroyed by the earthquake.

Haitian women receiving tools to start their own small businesses.











Less than a year after the earthquake, Haiti was struck by a deadly cholera epidemic. 

Again, HHF immediately jumped into action.

We educated our health staff about the disease and dispatched them to the mountain villages to provide health education and medical care.  Thanks to this outreach, which was made possible by our donors’ generous gifts, cholera deaths were cut in half the first month, then reduced further over the next few months until they accounted for less than 1% of those stricken.  With your help, thousands of lives were saved.

Your donations have brought health care,
relief, and survival to thousands of traumatized and impoverished

This past fall, Hurricane Sandy made a direct and devastating hit on the HHF catchment area, destroying subsistence crops and inciting a real fear of famine.  HHF is busy responding.  Our new nursery is growing fruit trees to distribute to many who lost their crops, and we are providing food to the many thousands who suffer from hunger.

This work will continue through 2013.

Please rest assured that your generosity has provided both immediate and lasting relief to the poor of Haiti.

On their behalf, “merci” for your continued support.



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